We transform learning.

Your Digital Differentiator

PBSL. It’s short for Project Based Social Learning, and long on its list of innovations that fuse learning with doing. Augment textbooks and traditional learning curricula with this state-of-the-art, application-based platform used for PD and for supporting and tracking student college & career readiness. Used by thousands of school districts nationwide, PBSL can be integrated with any LMS and has garnered some serious praise among teachers and students. Take a beautifully simple design, add to it PBSL’s ‘special sauce’ of social sharing, gamification, scaffolded learning, and standards alignment – 21st Century learning never looked so good!

Design Thinking, Meet Collaborative,
Creative Problem Solving

Solvably is a personalized, digital learning platform that supports real-world, collaborative, creative problem solving in an accessible, user-friendly, and easy-to-author environment. With this innovative experience, and a comprehensive content library of standards-aligned challenges, teachers, learners, and professionals, alike, can improve longitudinal workforce readiness and learning outcomes while building upon the 21st Century competencies of critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Solvably is deployed as a stand-alone platform or as an API-integrated application to enhance other platforms, systems or applications.

NextGen eText
The Future of Standards Based Content Delivery
MassiveU’s NextGen eText transforms traditional textbooks, seamlessly, into 21st Century workforce readiness experiences. It does so by combining the best of engaging learner content delivery, real-world problem based learning applications, social interaction, and comprehensive reporting and tracking via an eTranscript or ePortfolio (tracked to academic and occupational competencies) that proves future workforce readiness. This adds significant value to the curricula while providing purpose to the eText. Publishers and curriculum providers, here’s your chance to go beyond content and become an active agent for your learners’ futures with MassiveU’s NextGen eText.
Auto-Grading Computer Applications Platform

MassiveU’s Digital Skills Lab, dlab, is a self-grading, in-app platform with every tool needed to teach and learn computer applications like Microsoft Office Specialist. Students receive real-time feedback as they type a document, calculate a spreadsheet, or create a presentation. Teachers manage classes and lessons with easy-to-use instructor tools. Districts and schools administer a scalable platform that easily integrates with existing learning management systems. With dlab, you can finally say goodbye to grading computer applications!